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Want Extra Credit?
Here is your opportunity. Create a Scientific Super Hero. You have been hired by Elements of the Universe, a comic book publisher, to create a new superhero whose appearance, characteristics and powers are based on an assigned element in the periodic table.

You will conduct research to find information regarding their assigned element. You will complete a My Element Worksheet and then create an Element Superhero that illustrates this information about the superhero and a drawing of the superhero. The worksheet will be turned in with the Superhero and the student will do a Poster.

For FULL details, See Ms. Moyer for a complete set of directions.
District, School and Classroom Policy Reminder
With the holiday season upon us, we need to be reminded that the best learning environment comes when students are focused on their academic work. Students are required to bring their textbooks, notebooks and writing utensils with them everyday. Once in the class room, every student is expected to be in their seat working on their bell work assignment by the tardy bell. During academic instruction, students are expected to behave in an orderly, respectful manner so that all students have the opportunity to receive instruction. Cell phones are not to be in use during academic time but reserved for before and after school.
Thank you for your full cooperation in the success of your student. I hope your holiday season is safe and filled with warm wishes.
Welcome Letter
Dear Parent/Guardian and Students,
I am really excited about the 2015-2016 school year and am look forward to having your child in my class. I wanted to take this opportunity to familiarize you with my classroom rules and procedures. All daily notes, homework and assignments are posted on schoolfusion. Please check this often. You may add your name to the notify list and you will get an update. This is also an easy way for you to communicate with me. If you are absent, I expect you to check schoolfusion for the homework assignment and return to class with your homework prepared.

Astronomy Syllabus 2015-2016 Moyer
1st 9 weeks:
I.History of Astronomy – Ch.1 & 2: Constellation Poster
II.Charting the Heavens – Ch. 1: Month of Moons Project
III.Radiation – Ch. 3&4
2nd 9 weeks:
IV.Telescopes – Ch. 5: Telescope Group Project
V.Our Solar System – Ch. 6-14: Galaxy Group Projects and Models
3rd 9 weeks:
VI.Cosmology: Asteroids, Comets, Meteoroids
VII.Galaxies and Alien theories
4th 9 weeks:
Night Sky and Cloud Journal Entries
Group and Individual projects
Astronomy Pictures of the Day
Newspaper Articles Search
Web Quests
Trips to USCA RPSEC for lab activities and planetarium shows (weekends, optional and extra credit)

Classroom Rules:
  1. Bring all required material to class.
  2. Be in your desk and have materials ready when the tardy bell rings.
  3. Talk only at appropriate times and refrain from disruptive behavior such as coming into class making excessive noise or yelling to friends.
  4. Respect each other and everyone else.
  5. You will not be allowed to return to a locker or another classroom for supplies.

Daily Routines and Procedures:
  • Please throw away papers and sharpen pencils before class or after an assignment is given… NOT during direct instructional class time.
  • Please clean around and under desks/tables before leaving.
  • Please come into class with all required materials and take them out.
  • Look for bell work on the overhead or blackboard and begin to work.

Daily Supplies:
Each student will need a 1” binder, composition notebook, paper, pens, pencils, a simple scientific calculator (the one they use for math class), and a highlighter. I expect all students to bring their textbook and these supplies every day. No excuses will be accepted. Other materials that will be used and will be helpful to have: graph paper, markers or colored pencils, and a ruler.

Note: There are several reasons why I ask you to take notes:
1. Taking notes keeps one alert and makes one more aware of what is being said and done.
2. Your notes will help you to complete your homework.
3. Additional information not written in the textbook will be given and you will have to depend on your notes for this material.

Grade Scale:
Tests / Projects 40%
Quizzes/labs 30%
Class work/Homework 30%
***All exams will be calculated as 20% of the student’s grade.
There will be two semester exams. Each semester exam will count as 20% of the semester average.

My discipline policy will follow the plan set forth by the school.
Level 1: Warning
Level 2: 15 minutes after school in my classroom
Level 3: Call to parents and 30 minutes after school
Level 4: Call to parents and immediate referral to the office
Severe disruption: Automatic and immediate referral to the office

Praise – verbal or written
Extra points or homework pass
Class reward

Expectations for Students:
All students can learn. Although we each learn in our own way, we can all learn.
All students are expected to do their very best.
Be prepared for class by completing homework and class work on time.
Stay on task and on time.
Follow class and school rules.
All students are expected to ask questions and inquire about what they learn.
Each student will need to keep a notebook. It will be checked on a regular basis for a quiz grade.
All students are to remain silent during announcements and direct teacher instruction!

If you need to contact me, the best way is through email, . You can always leave a message on my voice mail at (803) 442-6100 ext. 167. If you do leave a voice mail, please allow me 24-48 hours to respond to your message. If it is an emergency and you cannot send me an email, please leave a message with one of the secretaries that answer the phones.
Please note that the best way to contact me is through email.
First Day of School
All students will be required to bring a composition notebook, writing utensils and a binder with loose leaf notebook paper. The composition notebook will be an interactive notebook. The purpose of the interactive notebook is to enable students to be creative, independent thinkers and writers. Interactive notebooks are used for class notes as well as for other activities where the student will be asked to express his/her own ideas and process the information presented in class.

If your student would like to earn extra credit any time this year, bring in hand sanitizer, paper towels, box of facial tissue, a ream of copy paper and household lab supplies (as needed).

I look forward to seeing all of you the first day of school prepared to learn from day one. Look for chapter 1 notes below and feel free to print them and bring them with you.
Outlines & Notes
Looking for outlines and notes from class?  Scroll to the bottom of the page.
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